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Management Team

About Our Management Team

Karen Pretorius:

Consultant | Project Manager | Facilitator | Founder: KPI Cubed Supply Chain Consulting and Training (PTY) LTD est 2015

Karen Pretorius, founder and owner, has 18 years’ supply chain experience and more than 10 years’ hands-on training experience. Her qualifications include MSc in International Business Management with a focus on Supply Chain, MBA with focus on Leadership in Supply Chain Management, a B Tech in Post School Education, Certified Supply Chain Professional (APICS’ CSCP) and Certified in Logistics, Transport and Distribution (APICS’ CLTD) to name a few. She is also a qualified instructional designer and content developer, assessor, and moderator. She offers objective facilitation for business strategy and process design and is an expert project manager.

Karen’s practical warehouse experience is solidly underpinned by her qualifications. She has spent much of her career focussing where business processes and IT systems interact, and understand business from the operational and IT sides, and can bring this together in systems and process audits and improvement projects.

Karen has been involved in several WMS roll-outs as well as relocations and selection of warehouses where all processes had to be incorporated and trained. She also was the project lead on software implementation projects such as Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Activity Based Costing, and was the integration lead and analyst/tester on more than 10 integration projects.  Most operational projects were strategic – property selection, lease negotiations, interacting with developers and logistics solution experts on facility location, design, and optimization, and with the onboarding of large-scale multinational clients.

A key motto of KPI Cubed is “Perfection is not reached when there is nothing left to add, but instead when there is nothing left that can be taken away.” Our approach is to reduce waste, thereby reducing cost, but not at the expense of agility and customer service.

When the world changes quickly and unexpectedly, supply chains must be able to adapt while maintaining customer service.

Academic Background
  • Supply Chain, IT and Adult Education
  • MBA, MSc, BTech Adult Education, ND Cartography
  • ASCM: CLTD (Certified Logistics, Transport & Distribution Profession) , CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional)
  • Diploma Datametrics, Diploma Business Management, Diploma Training Management
  • Certified MetaCoach, APICS Instructor
  • Assessor, Moderator, International Teaching and Training Award, Warehouse Auditor
Industry experience
  • Healthcare, FMCG, Retail, Government, Financial Services, 3rd Party Logistics Services
  • Special interest in Gestalt Organisational Development and Change Management
  • Guest Lecturer WITS Business School
  • Special interest in warehouse design, audit and costing
Projects Experience
  • 12+ B2B and A2A Integrations
  • Property Strategy, Multiple Warehouse sourcing (include lease/build), fit-out, relocation
  • Systems Selection and Implementation: WMS, TMS, BI, Costing, Contract Management
  • Change Management
Employment Overview
  • DHL | Exel Logistics | Tibbett & Britten Logistics: Financial, Systems and Property Project Management, Key Accounts Manager, Business Development Manager
  • Dimension Data | Alexander Forbes: Training & Project Management
  • SA Institute for Medial Research (Now NHLS) | SA Defense Force: Specialist Trainer

Dries Pretorius:

Training and Change Manager | Assessor | Coach

Dries is a great communicator and has the ability to connect with just about everyone, and can easily draw people from all walks of life into conversation. Dries has always had a passion for sharing knowledge and helping people through sharing his experiences.

From an early career in sales and merchandising where he had to train field sales representatives on product knowledge to training merchandisers how to best pack shelves, to rolling out new products into the market and creating training packs for those programmes, he has always had a hand in training while his job title said “Sales”.

Later in his career he was invited as guest lecturer at WITS Business School where he presented a case study he had helped to put together, and was also invited as guest lecturer at University of Pretoria to present on Retail Management. Lecturing at university level compared to training for skills improvement differs not only in audience but in outcome, and he was able to adjust his style accordingly.

Dries loves training people and seeing the joy when people “get” a new system when they see the benefits of change. Dries is a part-time sports coach for athletics, rugby and netball. He brings his coaching skills – observe, analyse, correct, apply, practice, succeed – to the workplace where especially enjoys taking blue collar workers on a journey of change, self-discovery and self-development through training and coaching.

His operational background ensures practical considerations are incorporated into the system and process design, always thinking of how the operator will execute the task, and not just system steps.

Dries knows Manhattan’s SCALE and Open Systems (WMOS) very well, and how to work the various processes on both full screen and scanner, but enjoys being on the warehouse floor where the real action is and assisting the workers to get their job done without glitches. He is skilled at adapting training for the Deaf, and has a special interest in warehouse training for the Deaf.

Dries facilitates the well-know supply chain simulation, “The Beer Game”, and is responsible for facilitating team building requirements at clients.

  • Key Focus on Training and Coaching
  • Certified Assessor and Facilitator
  • ASCM: CLTD (Certified Logistics, Transport & Distribution Profession) ,
  • Diploma Financial Managment
  • Neurolinguistics Practioner
Industry experience
  • FMCG, Retail, Fashion, Fine Foods, Financial Services, 3rd Party Logistics Services
  • Special interest Change Management
  • Sales & Merchandising Management
  • Account Management & Business Development
Projects Experience
  • Manhattan SCALE Training for Bidvest Waltons (60 employees)
  • Manahattan SCALE Training for ARB Electrical Wholesalers (80 employees)
  • Manhattan WMOS (Warehouse Management for Open Systems) Training for The Foschini Group Durban (180 employees)
  • Change Management for Blue Collar Workers using a blended LEAN and 7 Habits for Highly Successful People Approach
Employment Overview
  • KPI Cubed Supply Chain: Senior Training and Change/Training Manager
  • Courts, Fields and Tracks Sports: Specialist Coach for Ruby, Netball and Athletics
  • Sally Williams Fine Foods, Natela Importers, Diplomat Distributors: Area /National Sales Manager, Distribution Manager
  • CMR, VMS: Area Merchandising Manager