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Certified In Logistics, Transportation & Distribution (CLTD)

CLTD: The CLTD (Certified in Logistics, Transport and Distribution)

CLTD: The CLTD (Certified in Logistics, Transport and Distribution) programme is best suited to those who are involved in the “hands on” side of the supply chain. If you are moving boxes, storing goods, managing fleets, concerned about getting your goods to the right customer at the right time, the CLTD is for you.

Overview of modules:

Module 1: Logistics Overview and Strategy

Module 2: Logistics Network Design

Module 3: Sustainability and Reverse Logistics

Module 4: Capacity Planning and Demand Management

Module 5: Order Management

Module 6: Inventory Management

Module 7: Warehouse Management

Module 8: Transportation

Module 9: Global Logistics

KPI Cubed offers the CLTD programme as classroom based courses, self-study, or assisted self study. Assisted self-study allows for 1 contact hour per week with an experienced facilitator to discuss more challenging material, especially around the many formulae and calculations, and for guidance on exam preparation. Having a weekly session where the student has to be accountable helps keep the cadence and ensures a better chance of completing the material. Self-study can be very lonely and requires much self discipline, it is always easier to chill on the couch rather than study.

Duration Class Based

40 hours as 5 days consecutive (8 hours a day)

6 days (1 day per week or every second week)

15 x 3 hour sessions

Self-study required (reading of materials, completing exercises, mock exams for exam preparation)

80-100 hours in addition to class time to be exam ready

140 – 160 hours self study only to be exam ready

Please contact us for upcoming class schedules or to arrange an inhouse sessions.