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Our consulting approach begins with spending time in your operation, and reviewing any documentation such as SOPs, Business Requirements Specifications, User Requirement Specifications, Systems Requirements Specifications and the like, and interviewing key resources. From here we look for gaps and improvement opportunities, and compare operational statistics against industry Key Performance Indicators. Where applicable we will conduct time and motion studies to baseline your achievement. We look at warehouse processes (hyperlink to Training/Warehouse Systems Training) and we examine Waste (Muda = Waste, Muri = Overburden of resources, Mura = Unevenness of Volume) in detail to find the cost saving opportunities by optimising resources.

We present our findings first to the operational staff to verify our understanding, and then back to management so that improvement projects can be launched. A typical consulting project consists of 5-10 days of reviews and observations and interviews, followed by +- 5 days of analysis, +-3 days of reporting back, 2 days of further refinement, before final presentation back to management for feedback and launch of interventions. Selected interventions can then be implemented by KPI Cubed, or we can provide training and facilitation to implement these in-house, and project manage (hyperlink to Project Management) the implementations.

Change Management Approach