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Principles Of Production & Inventory Management (PPIM)

PPIM: The PPIM (Principles of Production and Inventory Management)

PPIM: The PPIM (Principles of Production and Inventory Management) is a short course aimed at those interested in becoming more proficient at production methods and inventory management. The course covers similar material to the CPIM, but is pitched at a more practical level, and is achievable in a shorter timeframe. It will offer a great footing for those starting careers in production or manufacturing, and will set a foundation for further studies.

Overview of modules:

Module 1: Manufacturing Strategies and Resource Management

Module 2: Product and Process Design

Module 3: Forecasting and Forecasting Techniques

Module 4: Production Planning and Master Scheduling

Module 5: Materials Planning

Module 6: Capacity Planning

Module 7: Project Management

Module 8: Intermittent Production Systems

Module 9: Continuous Production Systems

Mid Term Exam

Module 10: Fundamentals of Inventory Management

Module 11: Inventory Methodologies and Lot-Sizing Techniques

Module 12: Lean and Waste Elimination

Module 13: Purchasing and Procurement

Module 14: Warehousing and Materials Handling

Module 15: Quality Strategies

Module 16: Facilities Location and Transportation

Module 17: Distribution Management

Final Exam

Duration Class Based

19 days (1 day per week or every second week) plus 2 x 3 hour exams

17 x 3 hour sessions plus a 2 x 3 hour exam

Please contact us for upcoming class schedules or to arrange an inhouse sessions.