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The BSSC (Basics of Stores and Stock Control)

The BSSC (Basics of Stores and Stock Control) short course is geared for warehouse and stores personnel who need further guidance in managing their stores. The course is focused on basic principles, laying the foundation for good housekeeping, accurate inventory management, a safe work place, and giving more information about selecting storage methods and materials handling equipment (MHE). The warehouse or store is a big service provider to internal and external customer, and plays a critical role in maintaining customer service, be it to the inhouse manufacturing department or the retailer or the final consumer.

Overview of modules:

Module 1: Warehousing and Supply Chain Management

Module 2: Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships

Module 3: Risk and Safety Management

Module 4: Warehouse Safety and PPE

Module 5: Inbound Logistics

Module 6: Classifying and Coding of Stock

Module 7: Warehouse Layout and Productivity

Module 8: Materials Handling and Storage Equipment

Module 9: Stocktaking and Stock Audits

Module 10: Warehouse Issues

Module 11: Warehouse Returns, Customer Service and Reverse Logistics

Module 12: Transportation and Distribution Management

Module 13: Emergency Situations and Precautions

Final Examination

Duration Class Based

6 days (1 day per week or every second week)

14 x 3 hour sessions plus a 3 hour exam

Please contact us for upcoming class schedules or to arrange an inhouse sessions.