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Soft Skills

Our range of skills training includes 66 half day short courses. These courses are fully customisable and is presented in house for a minimum of 6 and maximum 16 learners. Please contact us for detail course outlines.


The Art of Influencing Others
Assertiveness Skills
Behavioural Interviews
Coaching Conversations
Effective Listening Skills
Developing Positive Relationships
The Fundamentals of Strategic Planning
Navigating Difficult Conversations
Organisational Trust
Skilful Collaboration
Social Media at Work
Solid Business Writing
Supervisor Communication Skills
Talk Like a Leader

Emotional Intelligence, Diversity, Conflict & Stress

Emotional Intelligence
How to Manage your Emotions
Increasing your Emotional Intelligence
Navigating Difficult Conversations
Business Etiquette
The Golden Rule
Navigating Difficult Conversations
Taking Control of Conflict
Appreciating Diversity (Diversity Awareness)
Cultural Competency
Ethics in the Workplace
Women and Leadership

Leadership & Management

Adapting your Leadership Style
Coaching for Development
Delegating for Growth
Developing your direct reports
Leadership 101
Leading others through Change
Learning to Manage
Managing OffSite Employees
Managing Up
Put it in Writing
Super Manager
Systems Thinking
Toughest Supervisory Challenges
Women and Leadership
Why we struggle with tough decisions

Selling Essentials

Coaching for Performance
Developing Clients for Life
Opening the Sales Call
Presenting, Overcoming, Closing
Prospecting and Territory Management
Understanding the Sales Cycle
What to ask and How to Listen
Increasing your Financial Intelligence

Performance Management

Accountability at Work
Balancing Priorities
Creative Problem Solving
Critical Thinking Skills
Critical Thinking Skills Applied
Employee Engagement
From Creativity to Innovation (Ideas into Action)
How to make yourself indispensable
Mental Models
Ongoing Positive
Performance Development
Productive Work Habit
Systems Thinking
Time Management

Team Development

Creating Chemistry in Teams
Developing Positive Relationships
Developing your Direct Reports
Managing OffSite Employees
Motivating Employees to be their best
Practical Project Management
Skilful Collaboration
Team Excellence
Succession Planning


We offer facilitation services for meetings, workshops and strategy sessions. As independent facilitators we will help your team generate ideas, create solutions to problems, shortlist and rank ideas so they can be developed into action plans. Facilitation can take place online or in person. Contact us for facilitation options.

Please contact us for upcoming class schedules or to arrange an inhouse sessions.